Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Norman Rulers in Sicily

  • Roger I (c. 1031–1101 Mileto), also known as Great Count Roger I, Roger Bosso, The Great Count. Italian: Ruggero I di Sicilia.
  • Roger II (1095–1154)
    Rogerios Rex (inscription in mosaic, Martorana, Palermo)
  • Simon of Hauteville (1093–1105), also known as Simon de Hauteville (in French) and Simone D'Altavilla (in Italian). He was the eldest son and successor of Roger I, count of Sicily, and Adelaide del Vasto.
  • William I (1131–1166), also known as William the Bad or the Wicked
  • William II (1155–1189), also known as William the Good
The Normans landed in Sicily as mercenaries in 1061. In 1194 Sicily fell into the hands of the Germanic Hohenstaufen dynasty.

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